Composer in Residence, The Placitas Artists Series


Registered with the New Mexico Film Office


Engineer/Producer Halfway To Hell Recording Studio


Member ASCAP


Singer/ Songwriter / Composer



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Hear John's interview with KUPR's Jerry DiTata

Composed the score to the New Mexico Post Alliance promotion reel.

Composed the music for the song The Ghosts of San Francisco, lyrics by R. Christian Andersen, for  the film, When the World Came to San Francisco. The video of this song won a Mixed Genre Jazz Film Award at the 2016 New York Jazz Film Festival.

Musical score for Leaving Cairo: As if it were a Dream, by Gary L. Brower.


Publicly Performed Compositions:

Silver Anniversary Overture or Pomp and Circumstances Beyond My Control

Quartet for Piano & Strings

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First movement                 Second Movement                 Third Movement

String Quartet # 2 in G minor

String Quartet in E minor


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Cosmic Carousel
Nyack So Nyack
The Crazies

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Photos by D.R. Goff


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