Rose Attardo's Ancestors

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Note that the Latin months September thru December are often written in numbers, 7ber, 8ber, 9ber and 10ber, respectively.

Calogero Attardo was born between 1783 and 1793 in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy, one of four known children of parents Liborio Attardo and Rosa Cognata. The range of his birth year was calculated by the ages as listed on his children’s birth records, which did not all agree.  He married Caterina Pumilia and they had at least five other children besides ancestor Rosa, all born in Sciacca, although Sciacca birth records can not be found for the two eldest children (see her bio for info on the children).

Calogero’s occupation and address changed frequently during his lifetime. In 1823, on Rosa’s birth record, the family was living in Quartiero Olivella, on Strada (street) del Castello, and he’s listed as a Campiere, a fieldworker, who worked harvesting crops on someone else’s farm. In 1825, he’s still working as a Campiere, but they are living in Quartiero Madrice.In 1828, he is now a Mugnaio, a miller, living in Quartiero Olivella. In 1833, he is still working as a miller, but lives in Quartiero San Michele. In 1834, he’s again working as a fieldworker. In February of 1843, he’s listed as a sailor, but just five months later in July, his death record lists his occupation as Crivellatore. In English this translates to someone who oversaw the operation of a mechanical sieve, or is otherwise involved in the work of sorting and sifting in mines or at construction sites. He may have been involved in the processing of Sciacca coral which was first discovered in 1831.

Calogero died at age 60 in the Ospedale Misericordia (Hospital of St. Mary of Mercy) in Sciacca on July 24, 1843. His parents and wife are listed on the death record. (Mouse over and click on record image right to enlarge in a new window or tab.)


Caterina Pumilia was born either on or before April 28, 1800, the date she was baptized in St. Michael’s Church in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy, the daughter of Flavia Gravanti and Vito Pumilia. (Mouse over and click on her baptism record image left to enlarge it in a new window or tab.) Caterina married Calogero Attardo on April 21, 1817, in Sciacca. Because the church register is missing for 1817, there isn’t a marriage document to confirm her parentage. Her parents names come from a church record documenting the ancestry of their great-grandchild Stefano Attardo, son of Caterina’s son Vito. (Mouse over and click on the church tree image right to enlarge it in a new window or tab.)

Caterina and Calogero had at least six children — son Liborio, named after his paternal grandfather, was born about 1820, and died at 74 years old on October 25, 1894; Vito, named after his maternal grandfather, was born about 1821, lived to 81 years old and died on November 6, 1902; ancestor Rosa; Antonino, named after his paternal great-grandfather, was born and baptized on October 18, 1825, and died unmarried at 17 years old on February 24, 1843, five months prior to his father’s death; daughter Vincenza was born on February 17, 1828, baptized the next day, and died one month later on April 7th; and son Vincenzo who was born on December 27, 1833, baptized the next day, and died three months later on April 10, 1834.

Caterina died on August 4, 1837, at home in the Quartiero Madrice section of Sciaccia. Her death record lists her husband and parents names, but there are two similar death records for her. On the original record, her given name looks like Antonia and her mother’s surname is what looks like Ragusa. In this file the index for this record clearly states her given name as Caterina. On the copy which is found in her daughter (ancestor) Rosa’s marriage processetti her name is listed as Caterina but her mother’s surname looks like Vagusa. This researcher believes the church record which has her mother’s surname of Gravanti is most likely correct.


Liborio Attardo was born about 1744 in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy, the only known son of parents Antonino Attardo and Maria Alongi. Liborio Attardo married Rosa Cognata on October 6, 1765, in Sciacca. Their church marriage record is in Latin and it clearly states their parents names. They had at least four children together, three sons and a daughter (see Rosa’s bio for details and the marriage document). In February of 1820, Liborio gave his consent for Rosa, his granddaughter and daughter of his deceased son Antonino to marry.

Liborio died on February 7, 1822 in Sciacca in his 70’s. His original death record is extremely hard to read, but the index to this record, pictured left, is much easier to read and it gives his birthplace, occupation and parents names. In his granddaughter, ancestor Rosa Attardo’s marriage processetti, a copy of this death record has been found. It is much easier to read and is pictured right. It shows his age, his wife’s name and that both of his parents were deceased. This copied death record states he was 70 years old when he died, but in the original record, although it’s hard to read, it looks more like 78 written out as settanta otto. To this researcher 78 seems more likely to be his correct age. His occupation is listed in both records as Cernitore, which is a person who performs sorting operations in various industries. The industry he worked in isn’t mentioned, but being that his son, ancestor Calogero, did similar work in mining or construction, he probably worked in one of those fields. (Mouse over and click on record images left and right to enlarge each in a new window or tab.)  Unfortunately, nothing more is known about him at this time.

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Rosa Cognata was born in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy, about 1745 to parents Michele Cognata and Maria Imbornone. She is listed with them, as the second of three children on the 1747 Sciacca Rivelo, but no age is given (see image below in her parents bios). Rosa married Liborio Attardo on October 6, 1765, in Sciacca (mouse over and click on their mariage record image left to enlarge in a new window or tab). They had at least four children together – Antonino born about 1772, married Margarita Trapani, who were both Godparents to ancestor Calogero Sabella in 1797, then Antonino died sometime prior to 1820; son Michele was born about 1773, married Michelangela Licata, and died at 56 years old on March 18, 1829; ancestor Calogero; and daughter Vita, born about 1789, married Salvadore Montalbano, and died a widow at 58 years old on December 29, 1847. If they followed the Italian naming convention, which they probably did, there was also an older daughter named Maria, but records cannot be found for her.

Rosa Cognata died at home in Quartiero Olivella in Sciacca, at 80 years old, a few years after her husband on August 28, 1825. She is listed as the widow of the deceased Liborio Attardo, with no occupation listed. On her death detail and index records, her mother’s name is listed as Maria Imbornone defonta, which means Maria was deceased. Her father is also listed as deceased, but by the del fu before his name which is an abbreviation for defunto, meaning, deceased.  (Mouse over and click on record image right to enlarge in a new window or tab.) Unfortunately, nothing more is known about her at this time.


Vito Pumilia was the son of Stefano Pumilia and his wife Anna Aversa, who were from Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy, in the parish of Matrice, the mother church. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about his parents at this time.

Vito married first Caterina Montagnino, but it is not known if Vito had children with her. She must have died as he then married ancestor Flavia Gravante and on June 23, 1799, at St. Michele’s (St. Michael’s) church in Sciacca (mouse over and click on their mariage record image left to enlarge in a new window or tab). What is known of them comes from Vito and Flavia’s church marriage record. Flavia was the daughter of Vincenzo Gravanti and his wife Angela Guadagnino, and she was probably born in Sciacca, but in the parish of St. Michele. Flavia was listed as the widow of Mastro Vincenzo Carlino, when she married Vito. With her first husband, Flavia had at least one daughter, Maria who was born about 1796 in Sciacca, married three times and died there on September 18, 1856.

Vito and Flavia only had one known child, ancestor Caterina, who was probably named after Vito’s first wife, which was the custom then.

There is a July 29, 1837, death record for a 60 year-old woman named Flavia Vitobile, who died at home in Quartiere Matrice, was married to a Vito Pumilia and whose father’s name was Vincenzo. Her death occurred just a few days prior to ancestor Caterina Pumilia’s death. This may actually be our Flavia Gravanti, as she was alive and listed at 53 years old on her daughter Maria’s 1834 third marriage document. It could be those who filled out the death record did not know her correct surname. There is another interesting death listed in the 1837 death index for a sailor named Vito Pumilia who died on August 5, 1837, whose father’s name was Stefano, but the mother’s name does not look at all like Anna. Unfortunately, the detail record for this Vito can not be found, as a few days of detail records are missing from the 1837 file. Then there is another death record for a Vita Pumilia who died on August 3rd of that year and whose father was Stefano, but the mother is not Anna. What is really interesting is that these deaths all occurred within a few days of each other. Could they all be related?


Antonino Attardo was baptized as an infant at the St. Michele church in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy on March 1, 1707, with the name Antonino Michele. (Mouse over and click on his Latin baptism record image upper right to enlarge it in a new window or tab). He was the older of two known sons born to Pellegrina Muscarneri and her husband Vito Attardo.On the 1714 Rivelo, pictured in their bio below, he is listed as their seven year-old son with an older and younger brother.

Antonino married Maria Alongi at the mother church in Sciacca on July 29, 1732, (mouse over and click on the church marriage record image left to enlarge it in a new window or tab). She was the daughter of  Gaspare Alongi and Antonina Calanuccio, born on September 30, 1716, making her 16 years old when she married. She was baptized on October 1st, the day after she was born, as Maria Anna at the mother church in Sciacca. (Mouse over and click on her Latin baptism record image lower right to enlarge it in a new window or tab).

There is solid documentation for only two children born to Antonino and Maria — ancestor Liborio; and his younger sister Pellegrina, named after her grandmother, who was born about 1763, married Ignazio Geraci and died a widow at the age of 70 on July 11, 1833.

Unfortunately, death records for Antonino and Maria can not be found, so it is not known when Antonino or Maria died. Antonino was deceased and Maria was alive when ancestor Liborio was married on October 6, 1765. Maria was deceased by the time Liborio died, as on his February 7, 1822, death record it states his parents are deceased, indicated by the defunto/defunta after their names. No other information is known about them.

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What we know about Michele Cognata and Maria Imbornone comes from their Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy marriage document. This document is dated October 9, 1735, is written in Latin, and is extremely hard to read (mouse over and click on their mariage record image left to enlarge in a new window or tab). Michele was the son of the late Jacobi and the living Vita Maniscalco. The name Jacobi is Latin for the Italian name of Giacobbo, so his name is listed here as Giacobbo Cognata. Maria was the daughter of Ignazio Imbornone and Rose Fiorentino.

There is a 1747-8 Rivelo (tax record), that seems to be their’s, for a Michele and Maria Cognata, who have a daughter named Rosa, but his parents are listed as Ignazio and Giuseppa Cognata. Could this be them and whoever gave the info gave the wrong parents? The ages for them fit our ancestors. (Mouse over and click on their 1747 Rivelo record image right to enlarge in a new window or tab.) He was born about 1713, as he is listed as 34 years old and there are three children listed for them on the Rivelo—Ignazio, listed as 8 years old, was born about 1739, could be named after Maria’s father; Rosa, could be named after Maria’s mother; and Giuseppe, whose age is not given on the Rivelo, which may indicate he was an infant. The fact that they don’t have a son named Giacobbo or even Giacomo, seems to indicate this is not our Michele’s Rivelo. In any case, the tax calculation on this Rivelo seems to indicate he had no taxable real property.

It is not known when Michele and Maria died, but Michele was deceased and Maria was alive on October 6, 1765, when their daughter, ancestor Rosa was married. Maria was listed as deceased on Rosa's death record on August 28, 1825 (see image above in Rosa's bio). Unfortunately, nothing more is known about Michele and Maria or their parents.


Vito Attardo was baptized at St Michele’s Church in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy on August 28, 1662. Latin baptism record pictured left states his parents names as Caterina and Albertino Attardo. (Mouse over and click on his baptism record image left to enlarge in a new window or tab.)

The document for Vito’s second marriage to ancestor Pellegrina Muscarneri states the he was married previously to Elisabetta Attardo, but Attardo may not be her maiden name. (Mouse over and click on their marriage record image below left to enlarge in a new window or tab.) Vito and Elisabetta had a son Vincenzo, who was born about 1694. Elisabetta died and Vito married Pellegrina Muscarneri on April 12, 1706, in Sciacca. Their marriage record, which is difficult to read, states that Pellegrina was the widow of Francesco di Sciacca. It is not known if Pellegrina and her first husband had any children, but none are listed on Vito’s 1714 Rivelo (tax record), dated July 6, 1714, pictured right. (Mouse over and click on their 1714 Rivelo record image right to enlarge in a new window or tab.) This Rivelo seems to say they lived in the Quartero St. Michele, which is probably close to the church. The 1714 Rivelo seems to confirm Vito’s father’s name, but Vito’s second marriage document does not list the names of the parents of the bride and groom. Vito’s son Vincenzo, by his first marriage, is listed as 20 years old on the 1714 Rivelo.

Vito and Pellegrina had at least two sons, both listed on the 1714 Rivelo — ancestor Antonino; and a younger brother named Aurelio, listed as being 2 years old, and is documented as bring baptized in Sciacca on June 12, 1712. This Rivelo contains a page and a half of listed data, so they must have been doing well.

Vito was probably deceased by 1747, as there is no Rivelo for that year for him. However there is one for a Pellegrina Attardo. It is customary on Riveli to use the husbands surname for their widows. Unfortunately, there is no mention that she is a widow and no one is listed with her. This may not be for this Pellegrina Muscarneri.

The Attardo ancestry was given to this researcher in a family tree format, without all the documentation, but it is said to exist. Albertino Attardo, was baptized at St Michele’s Church in the city of Agrigento, in about 1626, and he married Caterina, possibly in Menfi in about 1646. Albertio was the son of Pietro Attardo, who was born about 1580, and his wife Giovanna. Pietro and Giovanna were married at the St Michele’s Church in the city of Agrigento, in about 1600. Unfortunately, nothing else is known about them, Vito or Pellegrina at this time.

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Gaspare Alongi and Antonina Calanuccio’s ancestries are unknown. They are named as the parents of ancestor Maria Alongi on her baptism and marriage documents (pictured above in her bio). A Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy, church marriage record can not be found for Gaspare and Antonina. Raimondo Lentini of the GenAG - Genealogie Agrigentine Facebook group states “I suspect it was one of the many marriages celebrated clandestinely and not recorded in the registers during the interdict that took place in Sicily at that time.” This interdict, in this situation, refers to a ban by the Roman Catholic Church that prohibited marriages of closely related men and women. It is not known for certain that this is the case, but it may be.

There are five Sciacca baptism records for the children of Gaspare and Antonina AlongiJoseph Maria was baptized at St Michele church on April 19, 1712, but probably died before his first birthday; Joseph Michael was born on May 22, 1713, and baptized the next day at St. Michele’s; Antoninus Benedictus who was born in the morning on March 21, 1715, and baptized that same day at the St Vito church; ancestor Maria; and Rosa Anna who was born on August 21, 1718, and baptized at the mother church the next day..

There is a July, 1714 Sciacca Rivelo for a Gaspare and Antonina Alongi who have three sons, Ignazio, age 12, born about 1702; Paolo, age 7, born about 1707; and Giuseppe, age 1, born about 1713. Gaspare is listed as the 28 year-old son of Antonino Alongi, of this city, Sciacca. This calculates his birth to 1686. What is strange is that at 28 years old he has a son 12 years old. Gaspare would have been about 15 years old when he fathered Ignazio! Maybe that’s why they didn’t have a church marriage. (Mouse over and click on the 1714 Rivelo image left to enlarge in a new window or tab.) There is no way to know if these are Maria’s parents, but they are a good possibility, because the one year-old Giuseppe is probably the Joseph Michael mentioned above. Sciacca Baptism records for Ignazio and Paolo can not be found..

There is also a 1747 Sciacca Rivelo for a 60 year-old Gaspare and his wife Dorothea, with three children — 26 year old Francisco, born about 1721; and two daughters Anna and Antonia, whose ages are not listed. His father is not listed. (Mouse over and click on their 1747 Rivelo record image right to enlarge in a new window or tab.) This Gaspare would have been born about 1687, which makes it very possible this is the same Gaspare as the 1714 Rivelo, but with a new wife. But again, there is no proof he was ancestor Maria’s father.

It is not known when Gaspare and Antonina died, but both of them were alive when their daughter Ancestor Maria was married on July 29, 1732. Unfortunately, nothing else is known about them.


Vincenzo Gravanti, was born about 1746 in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy, the son of Giovanni Gravanti. On several of Vincenzo’s children's documents, he is called Mastro, which means he was a master craftsmen. On his death record it seems to say he was a Conciapelle, which means he was a leather tanner.

Vincenzo married Angela Guadagnino, probably in Sciacca and they lived there in the parish of St. Michele. Angela and Vincenzo had at least five daughters together, all born in Sciacca — ancestor Flavia; Caterina who married Giuseppe Chiarello, had several children and then died on April 17, 1855, in Sciacca; Giuseppa was baptized on October 13, 1788, and married twice in Sciacca, first to Nicolo Galotta, who died in 1820, and then to Gaspare Sclafani on July 18, 1838; Paola was born about 1789, married Salvadore Cascio in Sciacca and died there on April 2, 1824; and Giovanna, who was born about 1795, married Pellegrino Scoma and died in Sciacca on October 9, 1822.

Giovanni Gravanti and Angela Guadagnino’s death record information is from a statement in Angela’s daughter Giuseppa’s 1838 marriage processetti. (Mouse over and click on the death statement image left to enlarge in a new window or tab.) Giovanni died at 75 years old in Sciacca, on July 28, 1786, which puts his birth year about 1711. Angela Gavanti died on May 7, 1806, in Sciacca at 48 years old, which puts her birth year about 1758. Giovanni and Angela were both buried in the San Francesco d’Paola church there, which is no longer open to the public. Vincenzo died at home 27 years after his wife, on February 1, 1833, in the San Michele parish of Sciacca. His death record only lists his father’s name and states he was the widower of Angela Guadagnino. (Mouse over and click on his death record image right to enlarge in a new window or tab.)

Unfortunately, at this time nothing more is known about Angela, Vincenzo, or Vincenzo’s father Giovanni.

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