Fara Montalbano's Ancestors

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The church records on this page were obtained from the research of  Raimondo Lentini of the GenAG - Genealogie Agrigentine Facebook group. Translations provided by members of the GenAG - Genealogie Agrigentine and the Italian Genealogical Records Facebook groups.


Salvadore Montalbano was born about 1757, the son of Michele Montalbano and his wife Angela Catania. He was most likely born in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy. On some records his name is listed as Santo, but on his granddaughter, ancestor Paolina’s consent to marry 1834 Brevetto document, her grandfather is listed as Salvadore.

On April 28, 1782, at the mother church in Sciacca, Salvadore married Francesca Cusumano. (Mouse over and click on their Latin church marriage record image left to enlarge in a new window or tab.) She was probably born in Sciacca, the daughter of Fara Galluzzo and her husband Luciano Cusumano. Salvadore and Francesca had at least two daughters together ancestor Fara, and an older sister named Angela Giovanna Ignazia, who was born on April 15, 1784, and married her second husband, Giuseppe Ciaccio on December 31, 1831, in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy.

What we know of Salvadore and Francesca comes from their daughter’s records. Santo is listed as a a deceased Mariniaro, a seaman, on Fara’s death record. It also states both of her parents lived in Sciacca. On Angela’s second marriage record they are listed as both deceased. This record also gives us the name of Salvadore’s father, Michele. In Angela’s second marriage processetti, which is written in Latin, there is a one page document which has the death statements for all three ancestors. This statement was written by a clergyman from the chapel of Mary Magdalena, so it is assumed they all died in Sciacca. (Mouse over and click on the death statement image right to enlarge in a new window/tab.) They are listed in the following order. Her father Salvadore, was listed as Salvatore, died on June 7, 1812, at 55 years old, which puts his birth about 1757. Her grandfather Michele is listed as Michael, died on April 22, 1784, at 70 years old, which makes his birth about 1714. Both Michele and Salvadore were buried in St Francesci. (This is probably incorrect, see more about Michele's death in his bio below.) This document goes on to say that her mother, Francisca Montalbano died on December 9, 1818, six and a half years after her husband at the age of 60, which calculates her birth to about 1758, and she was buried in St Dominici. This cannot be the correct death year for ancestor Francesca Cusumano because her husband Salvadore remarried in 1791! There is a Sciacca Latin Church marriage record for “Salvadore Montalbano, widow of Francesca Cusumano son of Michele and Angela Catania,” who married Maria Patronaggio on February 10, 1791, with marriage banns being read in January. (Mouse over and click on Salvadore's Latin church second marriage record image left to enlarge in a new window or tab.) This can only mean the Francesca died sometime between the birth of Fara in 1786 and probably early 1790, a year before he remarried. If it is her death record statement with an incorrect death year, dying at 60 years old would make her much older than Salvadore.

Salvadore’s second wife Maria was about 14 years younger than him. They had at least one daughter, Vincenza, born about 1800 in Sciacca, who married Francesco Allievo there on February 5, 1821. On this document it lists her father as deceased, which fits in with his death record statement above, and her mother as being 50 years old and living in the the convent of St. Francesco di Paola. Unfortunately, at this time, nothing else is known about them.

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Michele Montalbano was born about 1714 to parents Leonardo Montalbano and Maria Graffeo. He first married a woman by the name of Calogera LaRosa, who died sometime before December 31, 1747, the date Michele’s second marriage banns were read in church. It is not known if they had any children. He then married Angela Catania on January 28, 1748, at the mother church in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy. (Mouse over and click on their Latin church marriage record right to enlarge in a new window or tab.) It is on this marriage record, that it states he was the widow of Calogera La Rosa. His second wife, ancestor Angela was the daughter of Anna d’Angelo and Dima Catania. It should be noted that on some records, Anna d’Angelo has an alias of Scandaglia after her name. This may be the surname of her mother.

In the Sciacca church records there is a family tree of sorts that shows Fara Montalbano’s ancestry. It is dated April 28, 1782, which is the wedding date for her parents Salvadore and Francesca. On the left side is the Montalbano line and on the right is the Cusumano ancestry beginning with Luciano. (Mouse over and click on this church ancestry record left to enlarge in a new window or tab.)

Michele and Angela had at least one other child other than ancestor Salvadore, a daughter named Maria. She was born in Sciacca about 1752, and was probably the eldest daughter because she was named after Michele’s mother. Maria married Francesco Fiorentino, and she died an 80 year-old widow in Sciacca on May 22, 1832.

Although the death statement record in his son’s bio above states that Michele died in Sciacca on April 22, 1784, it is probably incorrect (see his death statement record in Salvadore’s bio above). On Salvadore’s April 28, 1782, marriage record, Michele is clearly listed as deceased. It makes more sense that the correct information would be on the marriage record. Nothing is known about Michele’s parents except that they were deceased when Angela and Michele married.

It is not known when Angela died, but she was alive on April 28, 1782, the day her son was married. Her father was deceased when she married in 1748, but her mother was still alive at the time. Unfortunately, nothing else is known about them.


Luciano Cusumano was the son of Anna Liotta and her husband Stefano Cusumano. On January 9, 1746, Luciano married Fara Galluzzo at the mother church in Sciacca, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy. (Mouse over and click on their Latin church marriage record right to enlarge in a new window or tab.) Fara was the only known child of Maria Santangelo and her husband Calogero Galluzzo. They both were probably born in Sciacca.

Besides ancestor Francesca, Luciano and Fara had one other daughter named Stefana, who was born about 1768 in Sciacca. She married Pellegrino Falco, most likely in Sciacca and died there a 65 year-old widow on December 15, 1833.

It is not known exactly when Luciano, his wife Fara or their parents died. Luciano was alive, but Fara was deceased when their daughter Francesca was married on April 28, 1782. Luciano’s parents were both deceased when he married in 1748, but Fara’s parents were alive at the time. Unfortunately, for now, nothing else is known about them.

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